The Iranian Syndrome and the Israeli Disease

William Hague now warns that Iran’s nuclear program could lead to a new cold war. And so a farce continues to replace a serious discussion of a real political crisis. It is a serious matter if a fanatical leader such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would have nuclear weapons. But this is no more dangerous than fanatical leaders in Israel possessing nuclear weapons. The only reason that Israel never threatened publicly to use its nuclear weapons is that it is getting what it wants without them. Making Iran the main cause of the current crisis, let alone making it the whole story while completely overlooking Israel, is what is farcical in how the West is addressing this serious matter.

The Middle East has been and will continue to be troubled until its underlying political and economic problems are addressed. Brutal dictatorships, which have been close allies of America and the West, have been one of those problems. But these dictators are being overthrown one after another by the very people they oppressed for decades. Democracy will not emerge overnight, but the darkness of dictatorship is disappearing. But one problem that has persisted for as long and shows no sign of being solved is Israel.

The problem of Israel is not what its uncompromising friends misleadingly present it to be: the threat to its survival and security. Only a fantasist or an idiot would take this seriously. America’s politicians and Christian Zionists would rather wipe out countries and nations than allow the existence of Israel to be threatened. Other Western countries would be happy to help in defending the Jewish state, but America’s might renders such help redundant. The reality is that most people accept that the two-state solution is the only way forward. I also support this approach but, as I stated elsewhere, I do not take it to mean creating one state that is mega, powerful, and wealthy and another that is tiny, weak, and poor. The reality is that a Palestinian state can be is ultimately an Israeli decision. Yet any basic knowledge of the history of Palestine in the last 6 decades or so would leave one with no doubt as to what Palestinian state Israel may approve of.

The problem Israel represents to the region, and indeed the world, is its discriminatory policies, complete violation of international law, utter contempt for tens of UN and Security Council resolutions, continuous and escalating occupation of Palestinian land, committing massacres of numerous civilians, and ignoring basic human rights of its victims. Israel never needed any of these policies and actions to protect its existence. It has used them to extend its borders, and by doing so it has continued to redefine its existence at the cost of the existence of an increasing number of people who lived on that land for hundreds of years. This is the Israeli problem that any person on the street of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt know, but the Oxbridge educated politicians of Britain and the political elite in America and other Western countered are unwilling to discuss let alone acknowledge, clearly not to due to lack of knowledge of history.

Why would Hague not try to avert a new “cold war” by supporting an initiative to declare the Middle East as a nuclear-weapon-free zone? This would require coming out publicly against Israel’s nuclear program. Admittedly, that is unlikely to get even the slightest attention of the Israelis. After all, they have the White House in their pockets, and these are the guys that really matter. But this is not what stopped Hague from taking this position and made him overlook Israel’s nuclear power to focus on Iran. Hague has commitment to Israel that means giving Israel preferential treatment. He has been a passionate member of the Conservative Friends of Israel since he was 15. It would be fascinating to know what this “friendship” meant for someone at this young age, but he has proved a true friend.

Hague is only one representative of a whole uncompromising pro-Israel establishment in Britain. In the Conservative Friends of Israel Annual Business Lunch in 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron told the audience: “In me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is indestructible.” Indeed, only a form of “belief” rather than a more rational driver can deliver such commitment to such a state.

So, the troubling story of the Middle East, according to Western political wisdom, was Nasser’s Egypt, Jordan, PLO, Hamas, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic fundamentalism, Arab nationalism….etc and today it is Iran and its nuclear program. It has never been Israel. This is how myth is created within history.

Only when Western politicians become capable and willing to acknowledge that the problem of Israel is Israel’s own actions and policies they would be able to move that region and world toward a solution. But that can happen only if any commitment to Israel as a matter of faith is discarded. The likelihood of this happening in the world we know today is very slim indeed. But then one can only hope… and pray.

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8 years ago

The drumbeat for war with Iran being played out in the media is almost a parody of the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. We have the same reports now coming out with unsubstantiated links between the regime and al-qaeda (even though one is Shia and the other is Sunni), and a hyped imminent threat (even though most recent intelligence and IAEA reports can’t even confirm that Iran wants to pursue a nuclear weapon, even if it had the means to do so). Nobody wants Iran to have a nuclear bomb, but as you say, there is a clear way… Read more »

6 years ago

Louay, you talk of the Palestinians as thought they are a people, nation or state. There is no such thing as a Palestinian Arab. The so-called Palestinian is in reality a Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptian or Saudi. The original and historical inhabitants of the land of Palestine (which encompasses present day Israel, Judea and Samaria and Gaza) were the Jews. Before Israel was created Israel already was. The whole land belongs to the Jews and this is mentioned in the Torah, Bible and the Quran as the land given to God’s chosen people. The Arabs (who you refer to as… Read more »