Arabic Edition of My Book on Abrogation Published

I am very delighted to announce the publication of an Arabic edition of my book Abrogation in the Qur’an and Islamic Law: A Critical Study of the Concept of “Naskh” and its Impact. The book, titled النسخ في القرآن العظيم والقانون الإسلامي: دراسة نقدية عن مفهوم النسخ وتأثيره, has been published by الدار العربية للعلوم ناشرون (Arab Scientific Publishers Inc.), Beirut, Lebanon. The book is available from physical bookstores, as well as the publisher’s website and the online bookstore نيل وفرات (Neel wa Furat). For more information about the book, its table of content, and sample sections, click on the front cover of the book below to visit the book’s page on my Arabic website.

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6 years ago

Congratulations Brother Louay! The English version of this book is very comprehensive and thought provoking, so I am sure the Arabic version will benefit the Arabic readers immensely-God Willing.