Ramadan 2016 Timetable Using Mecca’s Length of the Fasting Day

There seems to be growing acceptance that the length of the fasting day of Ramadan in high latitude places is too long for many if not most people to observe. Jurists have already addressed this issue in light of the fact that it is subject to “ijtihād” or “personal reasoning “. One proposed approach is to use the length of the fasting day in Mecca or Medina in in places where the time between dawn and sunset would be too long to fast. Of course, the Muslim may want to fast the long day if they can do that, but the juristic opinion of providing a shorter fasting day is intended as alternative those who cannot fast the long day, for instance, because they cannot do it physically, or have health issues….etc. Of course, the Qur’an (2.185) already permits those who are ill or travelling, as travelling in the past used to be very hard, to fast on other days.

In 2013, I presented a simple method for using this approach to calculate the length of the fasting day for any city in the world. I detailed this in an article called “Calculating the Ramadan Timetable in High Latitude Cities Using Mecca’s Length of the Fast.” Using this approach and calculation method, I have prepared the 2016 Ramadan timetable for London and Birmingham, UK, as examples.

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May all have a very blessed Ramadan.

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