Publication of My Biography of Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan

The English edition of my biography of our much-missed Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan al-Husayni has just come out. Sadly, this biography was in the process of being published when our Shaikh passed away on 4th/July/2020. Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad was the Master of Tariqa ‘Aliyya Qadiriyya Kasnazaniyya, one of the largest Sufi Tariqas with followers throughout the world. Tariqa Kasnazaniyya, as the name is usually abbreviated, traces its roots to the source of all Sufi ways, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our Shaikh is a descendant of the Prophet (PBUH) from both parental sides. Sufism, as our late Shaikh used to say, represents the spiritual side of Islam.