Calculating the Ramadan Timetable in High Latitude Cities Using Mecca’s Length of the Fast

Yesterday, I published an article on the option of using the length of the fasting day in Mecca or Medina when fasting Ramadan in northern locations where the fasting time can be unreasonably long. I discussed flaws in the argument of those who object to this method and the incompatibility of their thinking with the objective of Islamic Law.… Read the rest

The Dangerous Message of the Coup in Egypt: Political Islam has no Place in Democracy

The democratically elected but now deposed President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, seems to have managed in the twelve months he was in power to upset a lot of people on all sides of the political divides. This culminated in mass demonstrations that had not been seen since the overthrow of the dictator Hosni Mubarak.… Read the rest

Seeing The Arab Spring Through the Spectacles of Sectarianism

The highly respected and influential Sunni cleric Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi recently attacked the Syrian regime and called on Muslims to join the military resistance in that country. He also declared that he had been wrong in defending the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah in the past in front of clerics of Saudi Arabia.… Read the rest

The War on Terror: Globalizing Terrorists and Localizing Victims

Simon Jenkins, who is a journalist I respect, wrote a very good article about the Boston terrorist attack. The title of the piece gives away its main point: After the bomb, mass hysteria is the Boston terrorist’s greatest weapon. He convincingly argues that the huge publicity that the “terrorists” behind this outrage are getting is exactly what they wanted.… Read the rest