Publication of My Biography of Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan al-Husseini

I am delighted to announce the publication of the second edition of my biography of Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan al-Husseini, the Master of the Sufi order Tariqa 'Aliyya Qadiriyya Kasnazaniyya. This is an improved and expanded edition of the first edition, which came out in October 2018.

Mistaking Islam for a State: Misunderstanding Religion and Revering False History

The fascination of some Muslims with the concept of “Islamic State” or “caliphate,” and according their attraction to ISIS, reflects serious misunderstanding of both Islam as a religion and the critical function of the first Islamic state, i.e. the one founded by the Prophet. It also shows ignorance of or deliberate overlooking of the un-Islamic aspects of the later Islamic empires.

The Islamic Caliphate Between Past Myths and Present Delusions

The Islamic caliphate is promoted by its advocates on the basis that it was an ideal system of Islamic government in the past that can be equally suitable and successful for the present and future. The fact is that this form of rule is completely unsuitable for use anymore, let alone it is impossible to implement.… Read the rest

The Misguided and Counterproductive Attempts to Silence Those who Question Islamic Tradition and History

On the 28th/August/2012, the British TV broadcaster Channel 4 screened a program titled Islam: The Untold Story by historian Tom Holland. The program claims to trace the historical origin of Islam and concludes that Islam began later than traditionally accepted and was the creation of an Arab empire.test