The Birmingham Muṣḥaf Between Simple Facts and Manufactured Controversies

birmingham-mushaf-1r-original-150x The newly discovered “Birmingham muṣḥaf” is among the earliest, if not the earliest, manuscripts of the Qur’an in existence. The text on these two leaves is identical to the text of the muṣḥaf we have today. Yet this has not stopped some from trying to turn the significance of this stunning discovery on its head, claiming that it questions rather than supports the preservation of the Qur’anic text!

Publication of My Book: “The Wonders of Ṭarīqa Kasnazāniyya Brought to India”

Wonders of Tariqa Front Cover 500 I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book The Wonders of Ṭarīqa Kasnazāniyya Brought to India. I edited, compiled, and wrote introductory material for the content of this book. This unusual work contains fifty-five reports of wonders that were witnessed by or involved the deputy of ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazān in India during his preaching tours of that country in 2011-2015.

Mistaking Islam for a State: Misunderstanding Religion and Revering False History

sultan-uthman The fascination of some Muslims with the concept of “Islamic State” or “caliphate,” and according their attraction to ISIS, reflects serious misunderstanding of both Islam as a religion and the critical function of the first Islamic state, i.e. the one founded by the Prophet. It also shows ignorance of or deliberate overlooking of the un-Islamic aspects of the later Islamic empires.

Ramadan 2015 Timetable Using Mecca’s Length of the Fasting Day

ramadan-calligraphy There seems to be growing acceptance that the length of the fasting day of Ramadan in high latitude places is too long for many if not most people to observe. Jurist have already addressed this issue in light of the fact that it is subject to “ijtihād” or “personal reasoning “. One proposed approach is to use the length of the fasting day in Mecca or Medina in in places where the time between dawn and sunset would be too long to fast.

Qur’anophobia: The Core Truth of Islamophobia

quranmanuscript “Islamophobia” denotes prejudice against, hatred towards, and fear of Islam and Muslims. But because only the Qur’an unequivocally and uncontroversially defines Islam, those who promote Islamophobia have made the Qur’an the main target of their Islamophobic discourse. To achieve its goals, Islamophobia has had to take the form “Qur’anophobia.” The articulation of the concept of “Qur’anophobia” and the use of this term are critical for understanding and addressing the negative feelings and attitudes towards Islam that are called “Islamophobia.”

Reasons For Misinterpreting the Qur’an

mushaf-misinterpretation-full150 Like any scripture, and indeed any text, the Qur’an is open to different interpretations. Some interpretations are plausible, others are possible but unlikely, and many more are impossible so they can only be forced on the text. In order to avoid and counter false interpretations of Qur’anic verses, we need to identify the various reasons for misinterpreting the Qur’anic text and how to deal with each.