Launch of “Islamic Rethink” and the “Islamic Rethink Journal”

I am delighted to announce the launch of Islamic Rethink and the Islamic Rethink Journal.  

Islamic Rethink is an educational initiative that promotes an evolving understanding of Islam. It evokes the early Muslim spirit of seeking continuous learning and embracing growing knowledge, which is critical in a fast and ever-changing world that never stops posing new challenges and questions. This approach is also crucial to create harmony between Islam and other religions and philosophies in today’s world. For more information on Islamic Rethink, please visit its website and Facebook page.

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The Islamic Rethink Journal is the journal of Islamic Rethink. It is a biannual, bilingual, open access, double-blind peer-reviewed publication. For more information about the Islamic Rethink Journal, please visit this page. Please share this information with anyone who might be interested in submitting papers or book reviews for the Journal.


Jesus, The Untold Story: His Life and Message (4-hour Course)

I will be teaching a course on the life of Jesus at Keele University on Wednesday 10th/December/2014 from 17.00-21.00. The course will be based on the Qur’anic account of Jesus’ life which I will contrast with the story in the New Testament and other Christian and historical sources. I will also make comparative references to relevant concepts and statements from the Old Testament and other Jewish writings. I will explain where the various accounts agree and differ. 

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Publication of My Translation of “Fifteen Letters (Khamsata ‘Ashara Maktuban)”

A few months ago, my brother Faiz drew my attention to a very short manuscript of a book consisting of fifteen letters by Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qādir al-Jīlānī. I found it very beautiful, I loved it, and I decided to edit it and translate it into English. I am delighted to announce the publication of the translation. 

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The Islamic Caliphate Between Past Myths and Present Delusions

The Islamic caliphate is promoted by its advocates on the basis that it was an ideal system of Islamic government in the past that can be equally suitable and successful for the present and future. The fact is that this form of rule is completely unsuitable for use anymore, let alone it is impossible to implement. But the history of the Islamic caliphate also shows that it was far from the image it is given not only by its supporters today but also in the minds of other Muslims who have not studied history carefully. Continue reading

The Meaning of “Being News”: The Persecution of Religious Minorities by ISIS

The rise of The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and its extreme form of intolerance, persecution of Christians and Yezidis, and brutality have shocked the world. As noted by many commentators, ISIS is too violent and intolerant even for al-Qaeda, which is some feat to achieve. Continue reading

“Gazacaust”: The Name of the New Shame of the World

The word “holocaust” is derived from the Greek “holos,” which means “whole,” and “Kaustos,” which means “burnt.” It has rightly entered every language to remind all nations of the horror that the Jews suffered and to make the world learn an extremely important lesson. It is also a reminder of how the big powers of the time allowed this shameful large-scale massacre to take place over years. Continue reading

Publication of My Book “The First and Last Revelations of the Qur’an”

I am delighted to announce the publication of my latest book “The First and Last Revelations of the Qur’an.” This small, focused study examines the ḥadīths and historical reports on the first and last verses and chapters of the Qur’an. The book is available in paperback and on Kindle from,, and other Amazon channels. It should also start becoming available shortly on other channels.  

The Newborn Christians and Jews that the World Really Needs

In January 2009, I published an article on my other website Qur’ that was triggered by a massive Israeli attack on Gaza, just like the one we are witnessing today. Everything in that article remains as true and relevant today as it was back then, so I am republishing it in full below. Continue reading

Silence that Amounts to Complicity: The Terrorism that Western Politicians and Media Don’t Talk About

Since the attacks of 11/September/2001 on the USA, terrorism has been presented in the West as the most immediate danger to the globe. You cannot read an “unbiased” newspaper, watch an “informative” news bulletin, or listen to an “honest” politician without the subject of terrorism coming up. Almost always, terrorism is used to refer to the savage brutal acts that are carried out by Muslim individuals and groups. In addition to its savagery, this racist definition is the most conspicuous aspect of the “terrorism” that is the subject of continuous debate in the West. Continue reading