Abraham’s Covenant: A Qur’anic correction of Biblical History and Theology

God’s covenant with Abraham is a foundational theme in the Bible. Yet the unconditional chosenness of the Israelites makes the covenant rather ambiguous and inconsistent with other teachings about God in the same book. Free from the ethnocentricity of the Bible, the Qur’an presents a clear, consistent, and far more convincing account of the Abrahamic covenant.


One thought on “Abraham’s Covenant: A Qur’anic correction of Biblical History and Theology

  1. I purchased one of your books back in 2008, I believe, but my research is far more extensive than yours since it introduces archaeological discoveries, the study of linguistics and ancient languages, ancient texts discovered by archaeologists. It is not possible to fully understand the Quran without understanding the hidden meanings that only archaeological discoveries clarify. If you are interested in expanding your comprehension of the hidden meanings within the Surahs about the prophets, go to my YouTube presentation under Margaret King. Look for the pink circle with the “M” in the center. The presentation is 9 chapters long. Like you, I was born into a Christian family, mine from Palestine/Bethlehem/Ramallah/Jerusalem, and became a Muslim about 54 years ago. I’m an anthropologist. Since you are an Iraqi, you are from the original “Promised Land,” because the Israelite kingdoms were there during the third millennium BCE, not Palestine. The scribes who wrote the Torah 1800 years later, lied. That is why the Quran says they took the stories out of their correct location and chronology.

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