Western Hypocrisy: The Massacres in Syria and Those in Palestine


The world has rightly been outraged by the crimes that the Syrian regime has been committing against its people. It is also right that the international community should try and help the people of Syria. The ineffective Arab League was never going to make a difference. So what they started was going to produce any result only if Western powers got involved, and that is why they had to go to the UN.

The inevitable happened when both Russia and China vetoed a proposed UN Security Council. This triggered a wave of criticism of the position of both by countries that backed the resolution. As expected, this then led to all kinds of statements about the unethical approach that Russia and China have taken to the Syrian problem. This criticism is completely justified, but it smacks of complete hypocrisy when it comes from states that for decades have supported Israel’s violation of literally tens of UN resolution some of which covered the most basic human rights of the Palestinian people. The hypocrisy of the USA, Britain, France, and other “friends of Israel” does not stop at their official foreign policy. The media is as much involved in this “Israel über alles” attitude. No better example on this institutionalized position than the shameless decision of the BBC, ITV, and Sky in 2009 to refuse to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza that had been turned into a disaster zone by a vicious onslaught by the Israeli army. The excuse was that broadcasting the appeal would break the “impartiality” of these broadcasters. Only unwavering commitment to the cause of Israel — which has been to continue and increase the occupation of Palestinian lands — could make anybody see this decision as reflecting “impartiality” or could have thought of these media institutions as “impartial” when it comes to the holy state of Israel.

History tells us that any objection that Russia and China may have for decisions favoured by the USA will ultimately weaken and the only superpower will get its way. That is good news to the oppressed people of Syria. But the very fact that the USA ultimately gets what it wants has also always meant good news for Israel, with Syrians living in Israel occupied lands being at the receiving end of the USA’s uncompromising support of Israel. This has also meant very bad news for the Middle East and world peace in general.

Syria will get rid of its savage dictator and enjoy freedom. But no similar hope is justified in the case of Palestine. But giving up hope is not an option.

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