Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan al-Husayni


Author: Louay Fatoohi

Subject: Sufism

Publication date: 04 Aug, 2020

Page count: 467

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

This is the blessed biography of a prominent personality of Islam and a leading light in the sphere of Sufism and knowledge of Allah. Sayyid Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan al-Husayni is the Master of Tariqa ‘Aliyya Qadiriyya Kasnazaniyya, one of the largest Sufi Tariqas with followers throughout the world. Tariqa Kasnazaniyya, as the name is usually abbreviated, traces its roots to the source of all Sufi ways, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our Shaikh is a descendant of the Prophet (PBUH) from both parental sides.

This biography of Shaikh Muhammad al-Muhammad al-Kasnazan is written in a unique way. It is presented in the context of explaining the Sufi approach to drawing near to Allah. At the same time, the book expounds Sufism, which represents the spiritual side of Islam, through the history of our honourable Shaikh. Being an excellent example of a Sufi life, our Shaikh’s biography explains Sufism and the Sufi way explains his life.

Through the study of the life of a practising man of divine knowledge, this book combines a general theoretical description of the spiritual side of Islam and an introduction to a specific practical Sufi system. It shows that Islam is knowledge and practice, thought and application, reason and heart, and a companion and an accompanied one. In essence, Islam is an experience of spiritual companionship: “May I follow you so that you teach me of that which you have been taught of guiding knowledge”? (Qur’an, al-Kahf 66).


1 Ṭarīqa: The Way to Allah

2 The Ṭarīqa ʿAlīyya Qādiriyya Kasnazāniyya

3 Muḥammadan Karāmas

4 Noble Lineage

5 In the Care of a Spiritual Father and a Pious Mother

6 Education and Self-Learning

7 Defending the National Rights of the Kurds

8 Family Life

9 Being Chosen for the Shaikhdom of the Ṭarīqa

10 Shaikh of the Ṭarīqa

11 Muḥammadan Traits

12 Preaching

13 The Takya

14 Dhikrs

15 Riyāḍa (Spiritual Exercising)

16 Khalwa (Seclusion)

17 Political Persecution Against the Ṭarīqa in Iraq

18 Achievements

19 Interests


Biographical Timeline

Glossary Reference