The Wonders of Tariqa Kasnazaniyya Brought to India


Author: Louay Fatoohi

Subject: Sufism

Publication date: 19 Aug, 2015

Page count: 108

Dimensions: x 127mm

Most people today do not believe in karamas (wonders). Many of those who do think of them mainly as narratives whose characters are righteous men and women who lived in the past. But this book shows that karamas have never stopped happening. These wonders are one way in which Allah honours those who worship Him sincerely. The world has never been without individuals who are close to Allah, and so karamas have always been around. But to witness karamas, a person has to first find someone very close to Allah.

This book is a compilation of fifty-five karamas of the Shaikhs of Tariqa Kasnazaniyya and its late Master, Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan, that happened in India in 2011-2015 CE. These wonders show the nearness of those blessed Shaikhs to Allah and confirm that they are true spiritual heirs of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and genuine guides to the way of the Qur’an. The book also includes introductions to Sufism, Tariqa Kasnazaniyya, and karama (wonder).

Tariqa ʿAliyya Qadiriyya Kasnazaniyya

Karama (Wonder)


1 Paranormal Healing

2 Fulfilled Dreams about Taking the Pledge

3 Revelation of Hidden Information

4 The Unique Status of the Shaikhs of Tariqa Kasnazaniyya

5 Mysterious Visitors

6 Expelling Evil Spirits

7 Replacing Enmity to the Tariqa with Love

8 Threatening and Punishing Unjust People

9 Dreams Revealing the Locations of Future Takyas

10 Miscellaneous Dreams

11 Miscellaneous Karāmas